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Discover the Beauty of Yunnan Black Teas (with us)

On Sunday March 1st, tea lovers in Melbourne will have a chance to sample some of the very best black teas with Peter from Cloud Nine Teas.  As followers of our blog are probably aware, Peter has recently returned to Australia after several years in Yunnan, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge gained […]

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Alishan Oolong Tea now available

We are thrilled to announce a wonderful tea from the tea estates of Alishan located in Chiayi County, Taiwan. The tea is lightly roasted and when steeped it has a pale yellow colour and a subtly sweet aftertaste. I discovered Oolong teas from Alishan almost a decade ago, but have recently revisited them and they are truly […]

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A Tea Anthology

I have always loved anthologies, compilations of excerpts from writings, selected passages from various authors, seeing how an editor deftly gathers material that connects topics and ideas across time and space. The etymological trail of the word ‘anthology’ stems from the Latin florilegium (plural florilegia), flos meaning ‘flower’ and legere ‘to gather. The gathering and selection of flowers is […]

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Tea and Star-Score Ratings

  Peter Micic at Linkedin: Most would agree that star or score based ratings for tea are difficult for a raft of reasons, some more apparent than others. I can see how scored reviews can be helpful if the tea reviewed is a tea you are thinking of buying or you just want to discover […]

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Free Shipping on Tea Towels

In our July 14 post “Cha and Te” we saw that in most languages of the world, the word for “tea” stems from just a handful of Chinese dialects. So not only is tea more popular around the world than any other beverage (except for water itself), the words we use for it share the same roots. To celebrate the […]

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Away from Yunnan

Peter will be away from Yunnan for the next 4-5 months to rest, replenish and work on several other tea-related projects. Meanwhile, we will continue to curate great stuff on tea almost every other day. You can follow us by entering your email and receive notifications of new posts. Yes, we love parachuting great content […]

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Notes from a Journey – Mengku Tea Inspection…

  Carl A. Villanueva via The Art of Tea: When I stepped into the realm of collecting Puerh in 2008,I knew that I was making a late start, old tea prices were cloudy and a hayseed such as I would not be able to esteem teas for collection. So for the past three years, I have […]

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Tea History Revisited

Cloud Nine Tea’s Peter Micic at Linkedin: We have all heard that history moves in cycles, but like a spiral staircase, it doesn’t simply repeat the same events again and again. It does so on a new or different level. In the case of tea traditions in China, as traditions change and evolve, writers and […]

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Sydney Tea Festival, 17 August 2014

From the The Sydney Tea Festival’s Media Release: Tea enthusiasts will soon be able to spend a day exploring and tasting a range of specialty loose leaf teas under the one roof, at the inaugural Sydney Tea Festival on Sunday, 17 August 2014. Held at the Blacksmith’s Workshop at Carriageworks in Eveleigh, the interactive event […]

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Taste Receptors and Tea

Via Donna Fellman, Online Education Manager For World Tea Academy: (Thanks to Donna for allowing me to reprint her incisive comments here which began as a thread I posted on World Tea News at Linkedin)   When drinking or cupping tea, the tea itself should be hitting every area of the mouth and tongue. The question […]

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